Simple and Fast Data Models

'Yet another way to speed up your database' kind of book or a claim that if you only follow the instructions, your database could be blazingly fast. In all likelihood, suggestions to improve your database performance usually do help.

As a DBA and performance engineer for around 10 years at the time of this book, I have seen how people in companies design systems and how those systems effect their databases. A lot of the time, I am able to do some tuning to the database configuration and make a change to an index or two. However, the structural problem of badly designed data models is something I commonly see. These are by far the '20% of the issues that make 80% of the system perform badly'.

I am writing this book in the hopes that it would help people design or at least put a focus on designing efficient data models. Doing so, would ensure that you can scale your systems, keep your database humming along as well as simplify your development process with easy to use tables.

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